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Optimize Employee Training with Maven’s Video SOP Creation Process

Video SOP Creation Process



Creating effective video training materials can be a major pain point for businesses. Not only is the process time-consuming, but it is typically costly and can lead to delays in onboarding new hires. New employees may have knowledge gaps that prevent them from performing at their best. These issues can have a significant impact on team development and overall business success.

Enter Maven, the new, groundbreaking product from DeepHow, which streamlines the Video Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) creation process, making it easier and more cost-effective than ever to create high-quality training materials, right on-site and without the need for expensive and disruptive production crews. Maven's unique approach also improves knowledge retention and ensures consistent results, helping businesses elevate their team's training experience and drive better outcomes. Say goodbye to the headaches of creating video training materials and revolutionize your team's training process with Maven. 


Say goodbye to the headaches of creating video training materials and revolutionize your team's training process with Maven.



Understand the Purpose and Advantages of Streamlined Video SOP Creation


Streamlined Video SOP Creation refers to efficiently producing video training materials for workforce readiness skills. Maven simplifies this process by allowing users to drag and drop a PDF document into the platform, which it then converts into a shooting guide complete with scene breakdowns and narration scripts to guide the creator through the video shooting process.


DeepHow Maven Video SOP - image of the tablet / desktop mode and smartphone view.


The multitude of advantages stemming from Maven's innovative approach becomes apparent across three aspects of video training creation:


Time savings

By automating content creation with shooting guides and narration scripts, Maven significantly reduces the time and effort required to develop high-quality video training materials.

This automation allows team leaders and trainers to allocate their valuable time to other crucial tasks and responsibilities.


Increased consistency 

Maven's automated generation of guides and scripts ensures that video training materials maintain a consistent structure and style. This uniformity promotes better understanding and retention of information, as team members can easily follow along and engage with the content. Users will learn to expect high-quality caliber content presented in the most logical and easily consumed form.


Enhanced professionalism in video training materials

The shooting guides and narration scripts produced by Maven are crafted with precision and professionalism. As a result, video training materials deliver the necessary information and convey a polished and credible image, fostering a more immersive and effective learning experience for team members, while improving accessibility to the video creation process.


Let's face it - we're not all videographers. Maven levels the playing field and allows the focus to be on the subject-matter-expertise and capturing that how-to effectively in video format. Maven-generated shooting guides and narration scripts follow the written SOP exactly and do the thinking for you - so you can be confident that no steps are missed. 


These advantages ultimately lead to better-trained teams and improved overall performance.



Explore the Powerful Features of Maven's Streamlined Video SOP Creation


Drag-and-drop PDF functionality 

One of the most convenient features of Maven is its ability to work with existing text-based PDF documents. Simply drag and drop your training material in PDF format, and Maven will handle the rest. This straightforward approach saves time and effort, so you can focus on other essential tasks.


Gif of how the automated shooting guide looks while recording an expert performing a task.



Automated shooting guide generation

Once your PDF is uploaded, Maven automatically generates a detailed shooting guide. This guide includes scene breakdowns, helping you visualize and plan the filming process, while ensuring no critical part of the process is missed. By automating this step, Maven removes the need for tedious storyline planning and ensures consistent, high-quality results that capture the entire workflow.


Capture App SQUARE 01b



Consistent and professional narration scripts 

Alongside the shooting guide, Maven also provides a professionally crafted narration script prompt that appears on the screen for each step. These scripts ensure that your video training materials follow the existing SOP documents, while maintaining a consistent tone and style, contributing to a more comprehensive, polished, and engaging learning experience for your team members.


Embrace the Future of Video Training with  DeepHow Maven


Maven's innovative Video SOP Creation redefines team training with its groundbreaking features and streamlined approach. Harnessing the power of generative AI, with drag-and-drop PDF functionality, automated filming guidance, and expertly crafted narration scripts, Maven emerges as an essential asset for organizations striving to enhance their training methodologies. By leveraging Maven's capabilities, you can unlock your team's full potential, ensure consistently exceptional outcomes, and elevate your organization's overall performance.


Visit https://info.deephow.com/maven to learn more about Maven and stay updated on its upcoming release. By signing up, you'll be among the first to know when Maven is available and how it can help revolutionize your team's training experience. Don't wait - start building your content with DeepHow today and get ready to elevate your team's performance when Maven is released this summer.


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