Midwest high-growth tech startups to watch in 2022


We're delighted to see DeepHow featured in our region's top tech blog!

Based in Ann Arbor, Cronicle Tech News highlights technology companies in the Midwest, with stories that center on thought-leadership and emerging trends, event write-ups, networking opportunities, and profiles of local companies in software, security, life sciences, biomedical tech, aerospace and defense, mobility tech, robotics, machine learning, and AI, and sustainable energy.


In a story that profiled several Detroit high-growth startups for 2022, Cronicle's Laura Cowan mentions DeepHow's $9M pre-Series A funding. And we're delighted to note that DeepHow is in good company since the story also includes Plex, ToDoolie, Rivet, Rivian, Guardhat, RoboTire, InvestNext, and Our Next Energy.

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About DeepHow
DeepHow was founded in 2018 by a team of ex-Siemens researchers and engineers who saw an unmet need to transfer knowledge in the skilled trades labor market. They developed an AI-powered, video-centric knowledge capturing and learning platform that bridges the skills gap in the manufacturing, service, and construction industries. DeepHow streamlines know-how capture using AI workflow indexing and segmentation at one-tenth the time of traditional video-editing approaches, and powers knowledge transfer with smart, how-to training videos that boost employee performance by 25 percent. For more information, visit deephow.com.


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