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Managing complexity: the new teams and categories feature

A graphic illustrating how DeepHow allows employees to stay connected. The text reads, "teams & categories."

Whenever you scale up a process or task, managing the variety of possible uses and controlling user access becomes a challenge—this is certainly the case with training content. As our customers embrace the potential that DeepHow offers, some are moving from several dozens of users to many thousands. 

As they grow, administrators are faced with managing more users, more content, and new departments and locations requesting access. The question arises: How can I assign videos to a specific group of users?

Similarly, as usage increases, so, too does the amount of content to be managed. What's needed is a way to organize the content so that users can easily find all the videos related to a specific topic without creating lots of folders or some other filing system.

In the latest release of the DeepHow platform, we address the needs of high-volume users who are looking to manage an explosion in users and the wide variety of skills training content they create and consume.

We are therefore happy to announce two important features that are now available: Teams and Categories!



The new Teams and Categories features bring two important benefits to our DeepHow enterprise customers who need to manage training at scale:

  1. Make it easy to efficiently manage a large user base and different types of content.
  2. Help users from different levels (from executives, managers, and team leads, all the way to operational and technical workers) to find and organize what they need in order to successfully and efficiently accomplish their tasks.


Using the new Teams feature, DeepHow customers can:

  • Create Teams to easily organize users into groups inside a Workspace (such as a department or business unit) or a Location (such as a manufacturing plant).
  • Assign training, share content, and communicate at a team level — to better support managers and team leads who are responsible for specific teams.
  • Track Team progress, making it easier to check a Team’s accomplishments and progress toward their assigned tasks and facilitating faster assessment. This gives HR and departmental managers a bird’s-eye view of how well their team is doing.


The DeepHow admin Teams page.

Users can easily be grouped into Teams.


The DeepHow new skill page with the assign a skill pop-up box displayed.

A team manager or leader can then assign a Skill (training package) to the entire team of Nightshift cleaners.


The DeepHow new skills page with the users subpage displayed.

Then, it’s easy to track and check the progress of a team toward acquiring a specific skill.


Using the new Category feature, DeepHow customers can:

  • Create Categories — customers can now define their own library of tags that can be used to classify and organize their workflow instructions and SOPs.
  • Assign Categories to workflow instructions and SOPs. A workflow can be classified into several different categories (such as categories related to a Machine Type, Department, Domain Area, and so on).
  • Filter and find workflows using Categories. When searching for workflows, either in the player or when creating a new Skills Training Collection, users can filter available content by category, making it fast and easy to find content in the DeepHow platform.


The DeepHow admin settings page.

Categories and Values for each Category are defined by an Admin (in this case, a Machine Category and the Machines available).


The DeepHow player Workflows page

Categories can be used to filter workflows and find specific content.



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